Finishes for your Guardian Warm Roof

A large selection of external roof tiling on your Guardian insulated conservatory roof can provide the perfect finishing touch to match your main roof. Internal finishes such as plastering, skylights, and LED lights then add the final touch.


Conservatory Roof Tile Selection

We provide two main types of roof tiling that come in a large array of colors: Metrotile Roof Tiles or Tapco Roof Slates — the two most durable roofing tiles that we have worked with.

Both Metrotile Roof Tiles and Tapco Roof Slates are strong, lightweight, watertight, and backed by an extended guarantee. That said, each type of roof tiling has its own style. Here is a full selection of the roofing tiles that we offer:

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Tapco Roof Slates

Durable and lightweight Tapco Roof Slates are another fantastic roofing product, favored by many of our clients. It’s highly refined slate-like appearance makes it a beautiful addition to any roof, while it’s virgin limestone and polypropylene composite material makes it a strong, lightweight, and reliable roofing material.

  • 40 year warranty
  • Fully tested for fire, wind, rain, snow, and water resistance.
  • No maintenance
  • Various colors and patterns available
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Metrotile Roofing Tiles

The Metrotile roofing tile is made from lightweight high grade steel with Aluzinc® coating for incredible strength and resistance and features a unique ‘hidden fix’ feature that leaves no nails exposed to corrosion. Plus the Metrotile Shingle comes complete with a 40 Year Guarantee and available in two ranges.

The future proof roof. An ideal partner for the Guardian™ Warm Roof design and perfect as a replacement for your old conservatory roof but also great for any modern building project. The Metrotile Shingle has many qualities for both appearance and performance but best of all is the effectiveness within the home environment. The colour choice means that Metrotile can match or compliment virtually any UK house style.

  • 40 year weatherproof guarantee
  • Reduced nail corrosion
  • No maintenance
  • Versatile and attractive

Guardian Roof Finishes

When you convert your conservatory to a Guardian Warm Roof Conservatory with Projects 4 Roofing, you have various finishes you can choose from:

  • Roof plastering: Allows for a smooth finish to the roof’s interior, giving it a vaulted roof look, like that of an extension.
  • Wall plastering: For the full extension effect, you can add wall plastering to give your conservatory the look and feel of a true extension, which can be painted in any colour.
  • Optional Skylights: To open up the room and let natural light in.
  • LED Roof Lights: To enjoy your conservatory on cloudy rainy days and dark winter nights.

With the option of traditional Velux skylights or the contemporary Solstice Windows for a sleek modern look.

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Plaster Finish

Replacing your conservatory roof with a Guardian Warm Roof allows you to accentuate your chosen roof type with a vaulted ceiling.

Plastering provides the final touch, converting your conservatory into a proper room, with an extension-like roof. The finished plaster is smooth and can be painted in the color of your choice.


LED Spot Lights

LED lighting allows you to have a series of individual, dimmable spotlights to provide warmth on dark days, and balanced lighting for any evening event.

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