• How Can I Regulate the Temperature of My Conservatory?

    The best way to make your conservatory either cooler or warmer is by investing in a solid conservatory roof that improves the thermal efficiency of the space and is able to reflect a large amount of heat away from the conservatory allowing for a more regulated temperature. It’ll be cool to use in the summer and warm in the winter. The conservatory itself will be able to produce a U value of 0.18.

  • Can My Conservatory Have a Solid Roof?

    Yes, you can! A solid roof will bring many benefits to your conservatory including noise reduction and temperature control (keeping it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter). Though, if you are considering a solid roof for a slightly older conservatory, it is a good idea to take into serious consideration to the existing structure, just to make sure that it can bear the weight of the new roof. Projects4Roofing can help you make this decision.

  • Do I Need Planning Permission For My Replacement Conservatory Roof?

    Planning is not needed to change your conservatory roof but building control approval is recommended. The Guardian Warm Roof has full LABC approval and this will help with speeding up the process. Guardian also have a special rate with local authorities. Your local installer knows exactly how to deal with this and will take care of the paperwork.

  • Why Should We Invest in a Guardian Roof?

    Many reasons: The Guardian Warm Roof was the first fully insulated, lightweight Solid Roof system on the market and is not just the market leader, it’s also the most popular warm roof in the UK. A Guardian Roof will extend your living space and increase the value of your home. Replacing your old Conservatory Roof with a Guardian Warm Roof System will give you the living space you presumed you were getting when you originally had your conservatory installed. The Guardian Roof carries full LABC Approval and delivers a quite incredible U Value of 0.18.

  • Are Guardian Conservatory Roofs Efficient?

    Solid Conservatory Roofs vastly exceed the efficiency that comes with the traditional polycarbonate and glass conservatory roofs. The Guardian Warm Roof which is a type of Solid Conservatory Roof is able to produce a U-Value of 0.18 and drastically increases the efficiency of your conservatory. So much that your heating bills will reduce in the cooler months.

  • What Guarantees Do Homeowners Get With a Guardian Warm Roof?

    Guardian have guarantees on the materials they supply to their network of 23 fabricators (the manufacturers). The UK fabricators actually build each tailor-made roof in their workshop before supplying it to the local installers (Team Guardian members). The external products such as insulation, timber etc will typically have their own individual guarantees. All Team Guardian members should offer a comprehensive written guarantee on their workmanship including the installation.

  • How do other people use their conservatory when they’ve had a Guardian Roof fitted?

    People use the extra usable space the Guardian Warm Roof provides as a place to retreat and relax. Some people use their sunrooms for family rooms, library/reading room, dining and entertaining areas, as a playroom for children or grandchildren, workplace area, exercise room, reading room, room to do arts and crafts, a room to gaze out at the stars or simply a room to close your eyes for a few minutes on a Saturday afternoon. The possibilities are endless.

  • How Long Do Conservatories Last?

    A conservatory is designed to last for extremely long periods of time – the Guardian Warm Roof comes with a 10-year insurance backed guarantee and with the right care and maintenance, you should never experience any problems with your conservatory. Problems will sometimes only arise when debris builds up or there is a freak weather storm.

  • How Long Does a Guardian Roof Take to Install?

    The beauty with Guardian Conservatories is that you are able to see the benefits of a new conservatory roof within 2-5 days. This is because the conservatory roof is prefabricated off-site to the exact specifications meaning there is no need for any intense building to be done on site. This vastly exceeds the traditional approach to conservatory roofs.

  • Can I Choose Tile Colours to Suit My Existing House Roof?

    Yes. The Guardian Warm Roof comes in a choice of finishes and colours, so you’re sure to find a perfect match! You can view our range of tiles here.

  • Can I Finance a New Conservatory Roof?

    Here at Projects4Roofing, we now offer a few simple and affordable finance options that allow our customers a chance to spread their payments. This means that you can get started on life-changing renovations such as a conservatory conversion that will create an all-year living space or even an extension.

    We have a range of finance options to suit your needs. You could spread the payments over 12 months interest-free, or there are options to pay back the loan over 24, 36 or 48 months with interest. To find out more about our finance options, visit here.

    If you have any additional questions that you would like to know the answer to and would like to ask a member of the Projects4Roofing team then please get in touch today on 01638 778 335 and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have!

  • How Can I Use My Conservatory During The Summer?

    The possibilities are simply endless. We have answered this question in full detail in our recent blog. Check this blog out today!