A conservatory is an amazing part of the home and can be used in a variety of different ways, whether you simply love having the extra living space to sit down and enjoy a tasty supper with the family or you just love having a beautiful garden hideaway. No matter how you decide to use your conservatory for its important that you have the ability to use it all year round. There are so many homes throughout the UK that have a conservatory but are not able to enjoy it all year round. We believe this should never be the case, below are a couple of the many reasons why replacing your conservatory roof is a great decision and should definitely be considered by every conservatory owner. 


What Are The Benefits of a Conservatory Roof Replacement?


It’s incredible how many benefits a high-quality conservatory roof will bring to your home. There are so many benefits it’s simply not possible for us to fit them all in a blog. We have put together some of the main benefits of replacing your conservatory roof in this blog. It can be very easy to just settle with the few issues your conservatory may have. By replacing your existing roof will completely change how you use your conservatory. 


Keeping Your Conservatory Warm 


Conservatory roofs are most commonly made out of a material called polycarbonate which is a synthetic resin. This material provides next to no insulation for your conservatory which results in it being extremely warm in the summer and very cold in the winter. Conservatories are a costly investment and it’s important that you are able to enjoy your extra living space all year round. During the winter months, it can be a real shame to have this stunning living space but not having the ability to enjoy it due to it being too cold. This can be easily prevented by replacing the existing roof with a fully insulated Guardian roof. Guardian roofs provide high-performance insulation ensuring you are able to enjoy your extra living space all year round. 

Turn Your Conservatory Into an Extension


Many conservatory owners see their extra living space as not part of their home due to a lack of insulation or it simply doesn’t look part of the rest of the home. A traditional polycarbonate roof does not flow with the existing colour scheme in your home. Replacing the polycarbonate roof with a stunning guardian roof ensures your conservatory will flow with the rest of the home. Guardian roofs are available with a wide range of tile colour schemes so you can find the perfect colour of tile that flows with the rest of your roof. This will transform your conservatory into a stunning extension that can be used all year round.

Creating a Stunning Quiet Space Within Your Home 


Do you live near a main road? Well, it’s very likely that you can hear all the traffic passing by when you are trying to relax in your conservatory. Traditional conservatory roofs do not prevent unwanted noise from entering your living space. Upgrading your conservatory roof will help to create a tranquil environment for you to relax in after a long and busy day at work. Replacing your conservatory roof is a small price to pay to have a relaxing room within your home so you can enjoy some reading or sitting down and playing a board game with the family. No matter how you like to unwind after a long and busy day having a quiet room will allow you to forget about all the stress of the day and simply relax. 


Why Choose a Conservatory Roof Replacement Specialist? 


Deciding to replace your existing conservatory roof will allow you to enjoy your conservatory all year round. It is extremely important that you choose the correct company to complete the replacement service. There are hundreds of companies out there but you should only choose a company with a great reputation within the industry and have an extensive range of positive reviews clearly displayed on their website. Projects 4 Roofing provide a comprehensive roof replacement service and are highly respected within the industry. Below are a few of the main benefits of choosing Projects 4 Roofing to provide your conservatory roof replacement service. 


Spread The Cost 


Replacing your conservatory roof is a great way to add value to your home but it may be difficult for some to pay the cost upfront. Luckily, Projects 4 Roofing provide a finance option! There is a wide range of finance plans available and we assure you that there will be the perfect finance plan for you. You can spread the cost out over 12 months interest-free or over a longer period of time with interest. 


Professional And Reliable Service


It can be very difficult to find the perfect company to complete your conservatory replacement service. Projects 4 Roofing have an excellent reputation for providing a professional service to all their clients. With years of experience replacing conservatory roofs you can be reassured that the service provided will be second to none. Projects 4 roofing have a variety of accreditations which guarantees that all the services provided will be completed to industry best standards. All of the friendly team members are fully qualified to provide a wide range of services including replacing conservatory roofs of all sizes.


The conservatory roof replacement provided by Projects 4 Roofing will be a state of the art guardian roof. This ensures that your conservatory roof will be reliable and will provide great insulation performance meaning you can enjoy your extra living space all year round. This conservatory roof will be formed from some of the highest quality materials available ensuring your roof will be able to withstand whatever the weather brings. Guardian roofs are reconsidered for providing some of the most reliable and high-quality roofs available on the market. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today to enquire about having a guardian roof installed. 

Create Your Dream Home in Only 3 Weeks 


Your conservatory may not be used to its full potential. By replacing the roof it will allow you to use your conservatory for whatever you want. It’s incredible how much difference a replacement conservatory roof can provide.  Let our team help you achieve the home of your dreams. Your conservatory roof can be replaced in only 3 weeks so why not enquire about having your conservatory roof replaced today. 


So is Is replacing your conservatory roof really worth the hassle? This question is simply down to you to decide. There is a huge range of benefits of replacing your existing conservatory roof and by having your new roof installed by one of the trained professionals you can have the peace of mind that your conservatory can be enjoyed for many years to come. Get in touch with one of the friendly team members today to find out more – 01638 507730