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A conservatory roof conversion can create a spare room for guests

Do you wish you had a spare bedroom or extra space for guests who want to stay over during family celebrations and other busy times of the year?

If you felt cramped this Christmas when all the family came over and many needed a bed for the night, we may be able to help.

There’s no way you would let them sleep in a cold conservatory, but did you know that with a roof conversion your conservatory becomes a legal extension – meeting all building regulations – where guests can sleep on a sofa bed?

A roof conversion makes conservatories a warm space for a sofa bed

What’s more, they will be cosy and warm all night thanks to the fully insulated roofing solution provided by Projects 4 Roofing.

A conservatory roof conversion could be the answer to all those times when you have more guests than spare beds. You can use the room as a comfortable extra living area or snug during the day and then overnight guests can sleep in these on a sofa bed at night.
When you have lots of people in the house is it also useful to have an extra sitting room where smaller groups can break off to chat, watch TV or play a game.

Most children need a space to play when the house is crammed with relatives and the conservatory could prove to be a perfect playroom. It probably gets ignored most of the year because conservatories tend to be too hot in summer and too cold in winter, so for many months it’s just not a comfortable space for the children to play in.

All year round living space with a conservatory roof conversion

But with a roof conversion, your cold conservatory becomes an extension to the house and feels just as warm as other rooms. It can double up as a playroom where children can enjoy their X Box and TV shows, or a place for grandad to have a snooze, for dad to start a card game or a spot to hold for a noisy game of charades.
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