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EPDM flat roof – why builders are ditching felt

EPDM roofing is fast becoming the number one choice for builders who want to guarantee a leak-proof flat roof for their clients.

Most builders know that felt or fibreglass flat roofs will eventually leak and that will mean being called back by unhappy customers.

Even worse, they could get blamed for shoddy workmanship, despite having installed the roof correctly. It’s simply that old fashioned and cheaper roofing materials such as felt and fibreglass do not wear as well as a more modern product.

Common problems with flat roofs

Traditional flat roofing materials can break down over time due to sun damage, water pooling and erosion. This eventually leads to leaks that damage ceilings, timbers and décor. The lack of flexibility in these materials can cause joint failures and cracking as they heat up and cool down in the changing seasons.

EPDM roofing is the no leak solution

Now more and more clients have heard of EPDM rubber roofing on shows such as Grand Designs where people are building high quality extensions that require a modern, problem-free flat roof.

If your client wants to achieve a similar high spec result, such as a garden room with bi-fold doors, or even a grass-covered green roof, it is worth telling them about the benefits of installing a roof that is guaranteed not to warp, crack or leak.

The RubberBond EPDM FleeceBack roofing system is a single membrane that covers the entire surface of the flat roof, so it avoids seam failure. It can withstand extremes of high and low temperatures as well as UV light, making it completely weatherproof.

Qualified installers of the RubberBond EPDM FleeceBack roofing system

Our qualified installers of the RubberBond EPDM FleeceBack roofing system are trained carpenters and roofers. With more than 27 years’ experience in this work, Projects 4 Roofing are a trusted company.

The RubberBond EPDM FleeceBack roofing system is proven to last over 50 years. We would provide you with a comprehensive proposal itemizing all the works to be undertaken for a fixed price. We promise our customers that they

will not be asked to pay any more. ‘Extras’, when they arise, are inclusive of the price. For you peace of mind, and to avoid call backs from customers, why not give us a call on 01638 507730.

Added benefits?

Projects 4 Roofing not only install a proven system fitted correctly, but register the completed job with their customers Local Authority Building Control who will send the customer a Certificate of Compliance’ confirming the works have been completed in full compliance to current Building Regulations, together with our 20 Year Installation Guarantee underwritten with an Insurance Policy – meaning if the client has any issues with the roofing works they will come direct to us without contacting you, the builder.

For a no obligation quote or more information, call 01638 507730.